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Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'll tell you why

I'll tell you why

So, I met this guy through the Meet Me feature over at Plenty of Fish. He seemed nice - but they all do, at first.

We exchanged a few emails. At first, I was hopeful. He seemed nice, polite, and interested in actually looking for someone to date. But after a few emails, we still hadn't graduated past small-talk. This is a problem in emails, because small-talk only works in an actual conversation - even it's text or IM. Without that constant back and forth, it loses momentum.

The last exchange we had was a week ago, when I mentioned I was missing the Yankees in the first playoff game so I could go watch a stand-up comedy show. He replied with, well maybe you'll hear some good Red Sox jokes. I responded that I just might, since I knew at least one of the comics was a Yankee fan.

That was on a Friday, around 6 pm.

I didn't hear from him again until the a week later. His email said:
Don't know what I said to make you not talk to me anymore, but I wish you luck and your Yankees in the off-season.
Let me tell you.

First of all - I cleaned up his grammar and spelling a little bit. He managed to send me an email consisting of one, very poorly-constructed, sentence that contained at least two typos.

Second - it's just a mean thing to say because my Yankees had been eliminated from the post-season after an embarrassing loss two days earlier.

Third - I didn't stop talking. We were exchanging emails and I was the last to reply. That means, if anyone stopped talking, it was him.

Lastly - of all the emails you could send, this is what you choose? An accusation and complaint? If you wanted to keep talking, why not just send a friendly, "Hey, how've you been?" Or review the conversation, and say, "Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you..."

I hadn't stopped talking to you - until that email.


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