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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Every queen deserves her king

I remember once talking to a group of friends about older couples getting married. My friend who works in the wedding industry said she worked with a couple who was in their 70's, both widowed, and had decided to get married.

I like the idea that love is an ever-changing thing, that's different for everyone. It doesn't come packaged in a perfect box with a ribbon, and it doesn't always take on the schedule we expect. For some, the conventional timeline works; for others, things work out differently.

But they do work out.

This story, which I read over the weekend, is proof. Aretha Franklin - the Queen of Soul - is getting married, at age 69, to her "forever friend." How nice is that? Not only to have a "forever friend" - but to be lucky enough to marry him?

I can't think of anything more picture perfect.

Oh, and Ms. Franklin assures everyone that she is not pregnant. Just in case you were wondering.


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