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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Makeup Tips For Your Face type

Makeup Tips For Your Face type

You can easily enhance your features and give yourself a glamorous look only if you know what face type you have. Yes, if you were unaware before, you shall not be anymore.
Your Facial formation or structure can easily help you in identifying the type of face you have. Thus, this way you can easily accentuate your striking facial features accordingly, and make irregular features less prominent and noticeable.
For that reason, all you need to achieve your goal is to acquaint yourself with the basic face shapes.
Oval Shape
Oval deemed as an ideal shape. Being the most balanced face in terms of features, oval-shaped face does not require any remedial make-up or extraordinary hair-style to emphasize the looks.
The purpose of make-up is to restore the beauty of an oval shape.
Eyebrows should be shaped immaculately in a natural arch. As you apply lip color to your lower lip, remember to outline it so as to give an impression of fuller lips and simply follow the natural line of the upper lip. Apply blush on your cheek colors in a “C” shape and blend it up till the outer corner of the eyes.
Diamond Shape
A diamond shape has a slim forehead and chin with relatively broad cheek bones.
For a diamond shaped face,  reduce the extreme width of the cheeks with make-up to achieve a look akin to oval shape.
Hence, apply a rather darker shade of foundation to the exterior of your cheekbones lengthening towards the outer corner of the eyes. On the contrary, apply a lighter shade of foundation on the chin and the forehead to create an impression of the width to the face. Avoid keeping the eyebrows close instead they should be kept slightly apart from the centre and then follow the natural arch. Apply lipstick in the natural shape of your lips.
Heart Shape
An ample forehead and a slender chin is clearly an indication of a heart shaped face. Thus, make up should be applied to increase the width of the chin and jaw line and reduce the width of the broad forehead.
Thus, to broaden the chin and jaw line, apply a lighter shade of foundation and as for reducing the width of the forehead, apply a dark foundation.
You’re your eyebrows thick and straight following the natural arch, but remember to maintain a considerable distance between the brows. Apply Lipstick following the natural lip line. To create an illusion on width around the forehead and cheeks, apply a high lighter or a white eye shadow to the forehead centre and the sides of the cheeks. Applying rouge on the upper cheek base would do magic and giving your face an alluring appearance.
Round Shape
A round face can easily be recognized owing to the roughly equal width and length of the entire face.
Your goal is to apply make up to create illusion of adding length to your face, resembling an oval shape.
Normally, a slender forehead will enhance the look of the face. For this purpose, use a deeper shade of foundation on the sides of your face. To give a lean look, apply a darker foundation to the jaw line and beneath the cheeks. Add a touch of rouge and apply blush on the cheeks to make them look slender. Make sure to blend it towards the temple area. Apply lipstick on the inside of the lip line. Shape the eyes and brows to give them a fuller wider and longer look.
Square Face
A straight forehead with a square jaw line makes up for a square face. Applying make up to a square face can be a bit tricky.
For a soften touch and to strikingly highlight your features, apply a darker shade of foundation on the temples, jaw line and sides of the face.
This will help to shrink the width of the face around the corners of the face and give a subtle look. Apply a bit of rouge on the cheeks and blend it towards the jaw line to heighten the length of the face. To alleviate the strong look, round shape eyebrows accent a softer look to the face. Since the square jaw line needs to be dapped with a softer look, thus the final resort which sure works is to apply Lipstick to create fullness in the lips.
Long Face
A Long face type is slightly stretched and less wide with slightly hollow cheeks. So when applying make-up to a long face, remember your goal:
Make the face look wider, diminishing the long appearance.
Make your eyebrows appear slightly thick following a natural arch to shrink the face length. Your eye make-up should be perfectly synchronized with your aim to making the face wider. Thus that can be achieved by accentuating the eyes to make them look bigger. Apply eyeliner from the centre of the lid leaning it up to the outer corner of the eye. Apply lipstick to give the lips a fuller appearance. Apply rouge and blush-on to cheeks but making sure it doesn’t reach higher than the outer corner of the eye and also not beneath the tip of the nose. A richer shade of foundation can be applied across the jaw line and chin area and also on the top of the forehead to easen up the long appearance of the face.
Pear Face
Ever heard of a pear shaped face? Now you are. A face type with a slender forehead, broad jaw line and wider chin area are the main attributes of a pear face.
Applying make up on pear shaped face is again slightly on the complicated side. You need to concentrate on making the face look lengthier and wider around the forehead.
Shape the eyebrows to create a higher arch on the outer ends. Apply rouge on the cheekbones and blend it towards the jaw line. Apply a rich color foundation on the sides to play down the width of the jaw, to attain a slender look.
No more tears and no more sadness! These simple tips will help you gain ‘the look of your dreams’, playing up your features.
Remember you are beautiful and unique.


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