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Monday, 2 January 2012

Reduce Unwanted Hair Growth

Very common problem among women is unwanted hair on face or other parts of body. Unwanted hair on face or body annoys many people. There are many home made remedies for unwanted hair. Here are some natural ways you can adopt to reduce growth of unwanted hair on body. 

Things you will need:
Healthy diet
Hair growth inhibitor lotion
1-Consume soy. Soy contains phytoestrogen, nature’s equivalent of the hormone estrogen. When you consume soy, it counteracts your body’s testosterone which encourages hair growth. The amount of soy you should consume to naturally slow unwanted hair growth depends on your particular body as well as your hair growth cycles. Gradually add more soy into your diet and gauge the effect it has on your hair growth. You can find soy in a range of food products, such as soy milk, soy nut butter and tofu.
2-Maintain a healthy diet. Poor nutrition can result in excess body and facial hair growth. If you are underweight, this excess hair growth is your body’s attempt to insulate itself. Avoid this issue by consuming a well-balanced diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients. You can also supplement your diet with a daily multivitamin.
3-Use hair growth inhibitor lotions. These lotions are available over-the-counter at most cosmetic and drug stores. They usually contain soy extracts. Apply the inhibitor lotion daily for best results.
4-Threading is a method of hair removal that involves pulling hair out from the root, via the use of cotton thread. As with other hair removal methods that remove hair by its root, regular threading can slow hair growth cycles. As the hair grows back in, it will be finer and thinner.


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