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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Best of the Worst: Are you smart enough?

Best of the Worst: Are you smart enough?

It's been a while since we did one of these. This guy viewed my profile the other day, but didn't contact me. Guess I'm not smart enough?
hello ladies! i decided to put a lil ad here because due to my work ethic i seem to have little or no time to meet a woman in my daily travels. i am looking for someone average,smart and caring, age isnt a big factor im pretty open minded to every age, i think i draw the line at 35.i have no kids is id like for the person i meet to meet this criteria. im not rushing to get myself into any headaches so your gonna have to be a very smart person who understands that life isnt perfect and sometimes people love their careers and helping other. if you think you are a good gal and are just looking for some stability drop me a line lets talk and see if your smart enough to converse wit me!
Not including what I can only assume are stylistic choices, I counted 26 grammar or spelling errors, or typos.

So is it that women aren't smart enough - or dumb enough?

Before anyone jumps all up in my business that, "Maybe he was just typing on a smart phone," or, "Those are little things, he could be very intelligent!" - Stop. I know.

My point has to do with glass houses and throwing stones. If you're going to issue a challenge to find someone "smart enough" for you - maybe you should proof-read the challenge first, ya know?

Just a thought.


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